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Come and join us! 
New members are welcome.

The Men's Shed is a great place to meet up and chat while you create great projects.

At our Men's Shed you can work on a woodwork project of your choice at your own pace or work as a group in creating a project. Our Men's Shed has a fully equipped workshop, and support is provided by members who can help you with machinery and advice on woodworking techniques. You can also view our woodworking training video library. Whilst most of our work involves using wood, members can also carryout metal work projects, painting/sign writing projects as well, anything is possible.

Activities at the shed include:

  • Projects for our market stall which we attend each month, projects as a result of specific requests from people or organisations or items we donate to various charities.

  • A monthly BBQ lunch at the shed.

  • Health & advice meetings

Your support is vital to our work at men's shed.

There are many ways you can contribute towards our activities, and every little bit that you commit goes a long way in helping us fulfill our mission. Learn more about how you can get involved by exploring the facilities.

Mutual Obligation – Volunteering with Centrelink

We provide mutual obligation placements for those on Centrelink benefits. Come in and ask us how.

Our Facilities

We have been very fortunate in having some fantastic facilities;

  • The Workshop;  has 6 work benches allowing a dozen people to work independently on their respective projects.

  • The Woodworking shop has 2 wood turning machines for those creative endeavors

  • The Welding shop is setup for those metal work projects

  • The metal turning lathe for some more creative projects, 

  • Plus a whole lot more tools & equipment

  • The Commemorative garden, for quite contemplation or a break from the workshop hustle & bustle. 

  • The Office, the hive of management

  • The Boardroom, where all good decisions are made.

  • The morning tea / lunch room, air conditioned for our comfort.


                 We have all manner of tools to use, many helping hands and knowledgeable heads to enable us to learn new skills. No matter your background or prior experience you will be welcome at Windale Men's Shed. You can do as much as you like, you don't need to be an expert in anything.

 Don't hesitate come and check us out, you are sure to receive a warm welcome.

Whether it's working "on the tools", even "off the tools" or working in administration, we have a role for you!

Start the process of joining by filling in the form below. We will call you and set a time for you to come in and check out our shed, have a chat, meet some of our existing members and see what we do.

Our shed hours are Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 8am to 2pm

Join the Shed

Why join the Shed?

  It could be as simple as " to keep my mind working" or;

" It's the ultimate hangout for the modern man "

" I can tinker with tools, shoot the breeze and solve the world's problems"

" If I don't know what I'm doing someone else will."

So why wait?        Enquire today and start building the skills you need to tackle any project - big or small"

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