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About Us

The Windale Men's Shed has been established to provide a valuable and safe community place for men to experience social interaction while practicing their career skills or learning new skills for the benefit of the Shed and the local community.

The shed has a fully equipped workshop at our volunteers disposal to use to make/repair items for the local community as well as making new products to sell at market outlets to support the viability of the Shed.


Concrete Slab pour in Oct 2005

From Small beginnings ..........

The New South Wales Premiers Department introduced a community renewal scheme to improve the health, well-being and quality of life of people living in Windale, NSW.

The concept for a Windale “Men’s Shed” was derived from that renewal scheme.

A project coordinator position was established in 2004 to facilitate the various operational requirements such as training modules; workshop procedures/policies and fit-out design. The concrete slab was poured in Oct 2005 and the building completed in Dec 2005 before the hard work of fit out.

The Windale Men's Shed was officially opened in April 2006. 

The first Men's Shed was established in 1993 in Goolwa, South Australia.

In 2007 the Australian Men's Shed Association was officially inaugurated, which now oversees 1200+ sheds in Australia. The phenomenon has even spread internationally, with another 2500+ sheds in 12 countries.

Shed installed Dec 2005


To advance the health and well-being of men in the Windale area by providing a safe, happy and non-judgemental environment where skilled and unskilled men can, in the company of other men, pursue hobbies pastimes and interests, learn new skills, practice and pass on old skills, learn about their own and other men's health and well-being, thereby contributing to their families, friends, the shed and the broader community.

The Shed’s Values are:
·         Determination to improve men’s health
·         Honesty and integrity in all dealings and activities
·         Being responsive to member’s needs, the needs of their families and the broader community
·         Respect for teamwork and dedication to life-long learning
·         Appreciation of the value of contributions made to the Shed by Members, partners, customers, suppliers and sponsors
·         Generosity in giving back to the community.

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