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Sample Projects

Dog & Cat Bowls

Help your pet by providing a raised bowl in a purpose built timber box. 

This will also help stop the food being split all over the place.

Storage Boxes

These are great for storing your crop of potatoes & onions in a cool dry spot, thereby prolonging their life. No more spoiled spuds!

Picnic Table Seat sets - both Large & Small

Provided to pre-schools & Child minding centres.

Native Bee Hive Hotels.

It is not used to produce honey, instead these allow our native bees to nest in them and produce the next generation of native bees.

Specifically Resin Bees and Leafcutters bees will use these hotels.

How do you know if you have any such bees in your yard?  Take a look at the second image, the crows nest plant has round holes in it, this is where the leaf cutter has taken a section to place in a hotel.

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